Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV Episode 10

Not a Crude Color of Rust

Adam Weishaupt, the first humanoid, who tried to use the power of the Gods to destroy the Gods themselves, was defeated by the Symphogears which were transmuted by the Lapis Philosophicus, the ideal power source that St. Germain and her allies sought. The ancient conspiracy of the Bavarian Illuminati collapsed, and its survivors were hunted by the worlds' governments. But... It wasn't just the Bavarian Illuminati that was pushed to the brink. The former superpower of America was criticized for its reflection of reaction weapons towards Japan, and isolated from international society. As the threat of a new war on a planetary scale began to rise, swift political resolution was required, but complex international politics prevented any decisive action from occurring. Japan, the victim in the incident, made superficial attempts to repair its relationships with America, but no real progress was made, and the ultimate fate of the world remained unknown. And there was tension to be foun

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